Jet Engine Strike Test- Bird Carcasses

Jet Engine Strike Test- Bird Carcasses | World War Wings Videos

(The History Channel/YouTube)


Airliners require a lot of lift to get off the ground and to achieve that kind of lift they require some pretty hefty engines. Engineers work tirelessly to ensure that these engines can work properly as well as being able to take a little bit of wear and tear.

When it comes to engineering, anything that can go wrong will go so they have to test those scenarios when things go south. But scenarios are difficult so the engineers have to put these massive engines through stress tests that they are far worse than anything they could experience.

“The engines are designed to suck in air, but they have to be capable of taking on everything else they may encounter in the sky, most notably birds and bad weather. To ensure that’s the case, manufacturers run tests that are as straightforward as they are awesome: They turn on the jets and start throwing things in there.”

Some of these events are not likely to happen but when lives are on the line it is better to be overprepared instead of underprepared. So check out the General Electric crew as they throw everything except the kitchen sink into this jet engine.

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