Kermie Cam – Grumman Wildcat Startup Sequence & Commentary

Kermie Cam – Grumman Wildcat Startup Sequence & Commentary | World War Wings Videos

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Sweet Music!

The motor sounds incredible! I always find videos like this amazing – it shows you that being a pilot is not easy peasy. For one, there’s a lot of work just to get this war bird flying. Think about how it was during World War 2 when there was extreme pressure (e.g. they have to go against zeros in an hour or less) and they have to prepare for the flight not to mention the dogfighting itself. These pilots are the real deal, bad ass to the bone.

The Grumman Wildcat is a fine machine with impressive performance during the war. Although it wasn’t superior to the Zero in terms of maneuverability, rate of climb and speed; it more than compensated for all that with its tough construction and superior firepower. It’s a nasty little beast that shouldn’t be underestimated. It was easy to fly and fairly stable.

This guy Kermit is living every aviation enthusiast’s dream including mine.

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