Kevlar Army Helmet Vs. Hydraulic Press

Kevlar Army Helmet Vs. Hydraulic Press | World War Wings Videos


Under Pressure.

A battlefield is a tough place that doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to combat. The terrain is tough, the enemies are tough so the so soldiers have to be tough and their gear has to be tougher. These soldiers are highly trained with the best skills and best equipment, we know that they are under pressure but how much pressure can their gear take?

On the battlefield, soldiers wear helmets made of Kevlar the miracle fiber that resists bullet. These ballistic helmets are pretty damn tough and can take the most of a high-speed impact with the sturdy material that absorbs impact.

The folks at PressTube have a high-strength hydraulic press that they use to crush just about anything and everything. In this installment, they take a variety of military gear and see just how much pressure they can take before they break. Now, a Kevlar helmet can stop a bullet but let’s see if it can stop the pressure of a tank rolling over your head. Watch in this clip.

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