Amazing SR-71 RC Scale Model Jet

Amazing SR-71 RC Scale Model Jet | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / RCHeliJet

Knobel’s 1:10 SR-71

Sleek, futuristic, elegant – you’d never run out of words to describe how beautiful the SR-71 Blackbird truly is. No wonder guys like Roger Knobel from Pulso–Jet Team have their own RC  scale model of this iconic warbird!

Knobel’s SR-71 is a 1:10 scale model, offering a wingspan of 1.73m and a length of around 3.25m. The RC model weighs approximately 20kg with no fuel, giving it a maximum speed of about 200 mph!

A B-300-F jet turbine with 30kg of thrust is also installed in its tail, with 420 LEDs imitating afterburners. For fuel, the model uses 5 L of kerosene mixed with 4.5% turbine oil – according to them, this SR-71 uses 0.9L a minute at full throttle!

As you can see from its performance, this SR-71 is no slouch regarding aerobatics. The aircraft can fly fast and smoothly, giving the crowd a performance to talk about after the show.

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