Lancaster Bombers: Thumper & Vera Takeoff

Lancaster Bombers: Thumper & Vera Takeoff | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Jim Ramsay

Great Footage, What a Sound!

In this video, we get to see two Lancaster bombers – Thumper and Vera, take off. According to YouTuber Jim Ramsay, the Vera came from Canada to rendezvous with Thumper from RAF Conningsby to perform at the Scottish International Airshow 2014 at Ayr. 

YouTube / Jim Ramsay

Both planes landed at Prestwick Airport, taking on fuel, and then leaving for home. I have to say, we got goosebumps simply hearing the sound of those engines. There’s no finer sound in the aviation world than seeing all four Merlin engines take off in close harmony.

YouTube / Jim Ramsay

It was great to see both of these bombers taking off!


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