Landing 767 Jetliner During Heavy Rainfall

Landing 767 Jetliner During Heavy Rainfall | World War Wings Videos

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Who said being a pilot was easy?

This is so amazing and cool, by the way. It’s not everyday we get the chance to have such view as pilots brave the storm. When we’re on the ground looking up, it looks pretty easy enough — maneuvering here and there. But man, being on the cockpit trying to land safely even with heavy rain — that’s quite scary. No scratch that, that’s one of the scariest things ever. The wipers were a bit distracting though. By now, we’ve all probably realized that being a pilot isn’t just about the prestige. It’s basically a passion for aviation and aerospace. It takes a lot to be behind the controls especially because it’s not always a sunny day. But this? Just a ‘typical’ day at work — tough, yes, but rewarding all the same.

Interesting perspective and an incredible view to boot. Oh and lest we forget, great landing too!

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