Landing RC Planes On A Carrier

Landing RC Planes On A Carrier | World War Wings Videos


This is certainly something new most of you haven’t seen yet. We just found this Rc carrier not too long ago with the takeoff video of a T-38. If you remember the last video we posted about this, the carrier was actually fitted with a catapult below its deck which launched planes. If you didn’t catch it, you can see it here. It’s pretty impressive to say the least.

The crew responsible for the RC USS Kitty Hawk stand behind their project for size comparison. |
Rapidnadion / YouTube

After his other video caught a lot of traction, the owner of these big boy toys was hounded by all his Youtube subscribers to try and land on this carrier, a challenge he gladly accepted. You will not see the T-28 do it however and here’s why.

He spent two years trying to land the T-28 with an arresting hook to no avail.

This guy must have a lot of time (and patience) because the description of his video shows that he spent 2 years trying to land that T-28 using an arresting hook. He managed to do it once, but didn’t catch it on camera. Go figure.

A screenshot of the T-38 about to take off using real a steam catapult. | Rapidnadion / YouTube

To find a happy medium, he decided to used a VTOL (Vertical Takeoff/Landing) F-22 (we know that doesn’t exist in real life).This little gadget is a quadcopter, so it was easier to land but he did mention that he still almost lost a few though.

Thanks for the hard work man!

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