Largest Gathering of P-40s In Years – Hear Em’ Roar, See Em’ Soar

Largest Gathering of P-40s In Years – Hear Em’ Roar, See Em’ Soar | World War Wings Videos

Warhawk Creative Video

Shark Weekend.

Those teeth, the first thing you see are those teeth. The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk may just be the most recognizable fighter of WWII thanks to those pearly whites. P-40s flown by the Flying Tigers sported those ferocious shark teeth so Japanese pilots would know just who downed them. Several P-40 Warhawks united for an incredible aerobatic performance at the Atlanta Warbird Weekend.

“The Atlanta Warbird Weekend (AWW) is an annual event dedicated to the remembrance and celebration of the men, women and machines of The Greatest Generation. In metro Atlanta, there are significant historical resources and AWW is the catalyst to bring together the organizations, aircraft and people that keep this history alive and engage families and businesses that want to keep this spirit alive.”

Participating P-40s

  • P-40K Warhawk “Aleutian Tiger ” – Texas Flying Legend Museum
  • P-40E “Texas Warhawk ” – Texas Flying Legend Museum
  • P-40-E Warhawk “Desert Shark” – Fagen Fighters WWII Museum
  • P-40 – Military Aviation Museum
  • P-40N ‘Flying Tigers” – Cavanaugh Flight Museum
  • 1944 Curtiss TP-40N – Fantasy of Flight – Weeks Collection
  • P-40 Warhawk – American Airpower Museum
  • P-40 Flying Tiger Tex Hill – Commemorative Air Force
  • P-40 Kittyhawk – Royal New Zealand Air Force _ Tri_State Warbird Museum

This year the Atlanta Warbird Weekend celebrated The Flying Tigers, the heroic pilots who fought Japan before the United States joined the war. So if you love P-40 Warhawks you have to see their amazing flyby of this video by Warhawk Creative Video.

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