Last Airworthy B-24J Liberator Involved In Freak Accident

Last Airworthy B-24J Liberator Involved In Freak Accident | World War Wings Videos

Wikimedia Commons


If you love warbirds then you are no doubt familiar with Witchcraft the world’s only airworthy B-24J Liberator. She tours the country bringing the past to life and taking lucky aviation fans on rides. We regret to inform you that Witchcraft has been involved in a freak accident during a flight in Dallas, Texas.

The incident occurred at Love Field as Witchcraft was preparing to take flight. A piece of debris entered the cockpit causing an injury to the pilot’s hand. This caused damage to one of Witchcraft’s propellers as well as the fuselage. Crews found a “failed concrete patch” on the runaway which is attributed to the source of the debris.

“It was a close call but everything seems to be safe and sound. We are just lucky it wasn’t a larger piece of concrete.”

– Hunter Chaney (Collings Foundation Spokesman)

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured during the freak accident and that the extent of damage is merely “cosmetic.” Love Field will remain closed as the extent of the damage is investigated. Things could have been a lot worse for the world’s last airworthy B-24J Liberator. Hopefully, things can be restored to normal flying condition and Witchcraft can continue to inspire people around the world.

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