If You Learn To Fly, Learn In This Amazing New Fighter

If You Learn To Fly, Learn In This Amazing New Fighter | World War Wings Videos

The Aviationist

Training Wings.

Becoming a pilot is not an easy process but becoming a fighter pilot is even more challenging. When pilots move up to fighter jets they need to learn the advanced skills in a reliable trainer. Leonardo-Finmeccanica’s latest trainer is taking a shot at being the best, the M-346 FT. This jet serves as an advanced instructional plane but it also functions for strike attacks.

“The new version has been conceived to take the advantage of additional market opportunities by offering in a two-year time frame from now a product solution with operational capabilities as a fall-out of the already certified M-346 AJT [advanced jet trainer] platform.”

– Enrico Scarabotto (Test Pilot)

Aside from training purposes, the M-346 FT can support missions such as battlefield close-air support, homeland security and tactical reconnaissance. After debuting at the Farnborough Air Show Leonardo-Finmeccanica announced that M-346 FT will be production ready within two years. A dual role fighter jet like this can be revolutionary in order to cut costs help pilots develop skills. The Aviationist has gathered high-definition footage of the M-346 FT in flight and it is a sight to behold.

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