Legendary Pilot Takes Spitfire Under Bridge

Legendary Pilot Takes Spitfire Under Bridge | World War Wings Videos

Photo credit: Youtube channel amurtinho

You’re Welcome.

We’re sort of ashamed of the fact that even though we have been doing this for years now, we never saw this video. We knew the story behind it. We’ve seen pictures. Never did we think “hey, maybe there’s a clip of that on Youtube.” Well, there is and we finally found it.

Most of you probably know this already, but we’ll go over it really quickly anyway. Ray Hanna is sort of an aviation legend. Born in New Zealand, he flew for the RAF (Royal Air Force) and was so good that he was actually one of the founding members of the Red Arrows.

Don’t know who they are?

Think the Blue Angels of the United Kingdom. Many might actually argue that they’re better than the Blues but we won’t touch that subject. We did once and it was a disaster (beers were involved.)

As for this particular flyby, it was performed by Hanna in 1987 for a show called Piece of Cake. It centered around a group of RAF members of the Hornet Squadron. In one of the scenes, a “rebellious” pilot wanted to show the brass where to stick it, so he pulled this stunt.

It’s pretty sweet to say the least. Also, that engine sounds out of this world too. 

And Here’s Ray Hanna’s Famous Reporter Buzz (He Lost It)


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