Life Inside a Lancaster Heavy Bomber (Cross Section)

Life Inside a Lancaster Heavy Bomber (Cross Section) | World War Wings Videos

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WWII Heavy Bomber

The British Avro Lancaster was a heavy bomber that was mainly used as a nighttime bomber during World War II. It also spearheaded the Allied strategic bombing campaign against Nazi Germany.  

The bomber measured 69 feet 6 inches in length, had a wingspan of 102 feet, and stood 20 feet 6 inches in height off the ground weight. When empty, the plane is approximately 36, 900 pounds. 

The plane was powered by four Rolls-Royce Merlin XXV12 liquid-cooled piston engines that drive three-bladed propeller units. With a bomb load of 7,000 pounds, its range was a lengthy 2,530 miles, and a service ceiling of 24, 500 feet. 

The crew was made up of seven men. It was also armed with 8.303-inch caliber Browning machine guns across three hydraulically powered turrets. In total, the Lancaster has a 33-foot-long Bombay and was capable of carrying a 14,000 bomb load at a speed of 200 miles per hour. 

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