This Is How It’s Like Blasting With The MP40

This Is How It’s Like Blasting With The MP40 | World War Wings Videos

Photo Credit: YouTube Channel hickok45

“The right tool for the job…”

Okay, this guy is having way too much fun. I mean, have you ever seen anyone laugh like that while firing a barrel filled with water? Seriously though, he’s living the life. Although I wasn’t really prepared for the handgun though, that really threw me off guard. And I totally lost it when he whipped it out – happily, I might add.

It appeared out of nowhere and I was like, “This dude sure knows how to have a grand time.” Where is he and can I hang out with him? Maybe share a few beers too?

Fun Fact: The MP 40 was much-loved by the soldiers who used it mostly because of its advanced features. There were more than a million submachine guns built.

This is who I aim to be when I’m older. He’s one bad ass grandpa and we can all agree that he’s not someone you’d want to mess with!

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