Tom Cruise’s Expensive Airplane Collection

Tom Cruise’s Expensive Airplane Collection | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / GrandeLuxe

If You Could, You Would

Tom Cruise is a highly decorated actor with money to spend and an undying dedication to aviation. As a certified pilot, Cruise flies his two planes regularly to sets, for vacation, or for his wife’s groceries.

His Gulfstream IV is one of the finest private jets in the world right now. Manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace, this $20 Million luxury plane carries up to 19 people. Did we forget to mention that it has a built-in jacuzzi and movie theater installed? 

However, that $20M plane isn’t Cruise’s favorite airplane. That distinction belongs to his own personal P-51 Mustang. This iconic warbird was built in 1946, just after the war, and was situated in a museum before the actor purchased it in 2001. Today, this Merlin-engine-powered warbird has an estimated price of $4 Million.

Nobody can blame Cruise for his expensive taste in vehicles. After all, if we all had the money to own and fly any of these planes, we all would in an instant.

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