LIVE | B-29 “Doc” Takes Off For The First Time In 62 Years

LIVE | B-29 “Doc” Takes Off For The First Time In 62 Years | World War Wings Videos

Brett Schauf

Excitement’s In The Air.

This is something many, many dedicated people have been waiting for. After almost 15 years of work put in by volunteers, Doc is ready to take flight and claim its place as one of the only two airworthy B-29 Superfortresses in the world.

Here at World War Wings we’ve been following her progress for quite some time now. It’s a really exciting time when you hear a group of dedicated warbird fans take on a project this size, so naturally we stayed on top of it.

We remember that last year we posted about her first official startup. Everything went without a hitch. Then, about three months ago, we did a piece on her getting an FAA certificate. She wasn’t allowed to fly just yet however, because the group needed permission to use the runway. Today our dear folks, they’re going to use it because they got it.

If you’d like to read her whole story, you can do so by clicking HERE. We’ve included a lot of vintage pictures from a as far back a the 70s. It’s really neat to see her taking off today, but this will show you what state of distress she was in over a half a century ago.
This is happening as you’re watching so it might not be the most exciting buildup, but once she take-off, well folks, you’ll be witnessing history as it happens.

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