Loading & Shooting M1 Garand — Packs A BIG Punch!

Loading & Shooting M1 Garand — Packs A BIG Punch! | World War Wings Videos

Iraqveteran8888 YouTube

Can You Handle It?

For the record, this rifle isn’t for the faint of heart. Besides, General George S. Patton wouldn’t call it “the greatest battle implement ever devised” for nothing. He knew just how powerful the M1 Garand is. While I was watching, all I could think was how loud it was. It’s not that surprising but man, it sure makes a lot of noise. And I liked how he showed the right way of loading it. I know it looks pretty easy and all but when you’re actually holding the Garand, especially for first timers, it’s not uncommon to feel hesitant or unsure of what to do next. Yeah, it doesn’t bite but its sheer awesomeness sometimes makes you forget stuff. Lol.

The M1 Garand was designed for simple assembly and disassembly to facilitate field maintenance. It can be field stripped (broken down) without tools in just a few seconds.

Spoiler: When the magazine flew out of the gun — that was so satisfying to watch.

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