Lost WWII Sub Discovered In Depths Of Hawaii – 49 Bodies Trapped In Its Hull

Lost WWII Sub Discovered In Depths Of Hawaii – 49 Bodies Trapped In Its Hull | World War Wings Videos

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USS S-28 was built shortly after the conclusion of WWI and operated as a naval submarine throughout the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean. This submarine was undergoing maintenance in a port in San Francisco so it narrowly avoided destruction when Pearl Harbor came under attack. Sadly this ship couldn’t evade destruction forever and after several years of fighting the Axis Powers she met her fate off the coast of Hawaii in 1944 never to be seen again, or so they thought.

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An organization known as STEP Ventures has come forward to announce that they have discovered the remains of the USS S-28. The lost submarine was discovered in waters 8,700 feet deep near Oahu, Hawaii using several remote submersibles and SONAR imaging.

“She was one of several S-boats that were put into service in World War II and was initially sent to Alaska to defend the Aleutians against a possible Japanese invasion.”

Analysts have determined that a loss of structural integrity caused a hull failure, sinking the submarine immediately without hope of survival for its 49 crewmen. STEP Ventures has released the first images of the wreck of the USS S-28 and their expedition to find the lost submarine that met its fate 73 years ago.

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