The Most Luxurious Jet On Earth – Step Inside The Very First Boeing 787 BBJ

The Most Luxurious Jet On Earth – Step Inside The Very First Boeing 787 BBJ | World War Wings Videos

Aviation International News

Big Business.

Everyone knows about Boeings Airliners but not a whole lot of people know about Boeing Business Jets. These jets are the epitome of luxury and give an unreal flight experience to their passengers. Currently, there is only one Boeing 787 Dreamliner modified to be a Business Jet and it is quite impressive to say that least.

This is probably the most luxurious jet on the planet and has a staggering price tag of $244 million and an operating cost of $70,000 per hour. The business variant of the Dreamliner can hold up to 40 passengers and give them plenty of room to move in these cushy accommodations.

“The genesis of the project was the vision of Kestrel Aviation’s client that the 787’s characteristics would make a unique, ultra-long-haul corporate aircraft. This is now a reality.”


It tough roughly $1,000,000 to design this plane and then from there, it was given the extra specifications which really drove up the price tag. The owners are quite proud of the Boeing 787 BBJ and are enthusiastic that it is generating an audience eager to try this extraordinary experience. See for yourself just how luxurious a flight can be in this video from Aviation International News.

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