Man Was Recently Busted For Carrying A Nazi Submachine Gun

Man Was Recently Busted For Carrying A Nazi Submachine Gun | World War Wings Videos

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Whacha Need That For?

We’re slightly late reporting this, but this very peculiar traffic stop is worth mentioning as it does have some World War II history in it. Just not in a good way.

On Sunday night, June 18th, 2017,  Australian police pulled over a 40-year-old male driving a sedan and had an inkling they should search the car.

To their surprise, they found a bag with a MP40 in it, missing a barrel, and a bunch of ammunition for it. It was immediately seized and the police assessed the gun was in good working order.

The MP 40 was used by the Germans on most World War II fronts from 1938 to 1945.Over a million of them were built during that time.

The man, of course, was arrested. The submachine gun is prohibited in Australia as it having ammunition without having a permit.

The investigation is ongoing as of right now to figure out whether, if anything, the gentleman in question was planning to do with this weapon.

If anything, it belongs in a museum.

P.S.- Although there is no footage of the arrest, we found our favorite YouTube gun guy, hickok45, testing this gun out. Check out.

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