Martin B-26 Marauder – Flight & FlyBys

Martin B-26 Marauder – Flight & FlyBys | World War Wings Videos

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Kermit Flies The Marauder    

Kermit Weeks blesses us again with another vintage warbird video. This time, he flies a B-26 Marauder after he completes his pre-flight checks.

Weeks is a seasoned pilot, aviation enthusiast, and aircraft collector. If you combined all of those things, you’ll get a pilot with an extensive aircraft collection and an undying enthusiasm to share his love of airplanes.

This Marauder is part of his insane collection of warbirds and is the only remaining airworthy B-26 in the US today. These bombers are huge, it has a 58 ft length and a 71 ft wingspan. You can hear its two Pratt & Whitney R-2800 radial piston engines roar during startup too!

A plane with a seemingly timeless design, this B-26 Marauder is a sight to behold as it performs flybys in the video. 

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