Memphis Belle – First air battle

Memphis Belle – First air battle | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Howard Halifax

One of the Most Realistic Air Battles Depicted in Movies?

This clip features an awesome air battle in the 1990 movie, Memphis Belle, where its crew encounter German fighters for the very first time. No doubt, that those Messerschmitts were hit and run fighters.

YouTube / Howard Halifax

What’s great about this classic is that no CGIs were used, just the real stuff! Except for the part wherein they’re using Stuka sirens whenever a plane goes down, and there’s not even a Stuka in sight.

But hey – this movie was made more than 30 years ago. Despite some of the historical inaccuracies depicted in the movie, this scene was pretty impressive. We doubt they could do this again, given there are only a few airworthy B-17s these days.

YouTube / Howard Halifax

What do you think? Is this one of the most realistic air battles you’ve seen from the movies?


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