Messerschmitt Me 262 Engine Start (Original Sound)

Messerschmitt Me 262 Engine Start (Original Sound) | World War Wings Videos

Me 262 Making Big Noise

A great feat of German engineering during the Second World War, the Me 262 arrived too late to the party and thus, made little difference in the outcome of the conflict. The first military aircraft in the world to be fitted with a jet engine, the 262 took the role of a light bomber, a reconnaissance plane, but also an efficient fighter during nighttime.

  • Although plans had been devised since 1939, this Messerschmitt model would only enter production five years later, in 1944, a time in which the addition of new aircraft to the Luftwaffe’s roster had little to no impact on Germany’s chances to come out on top.
  • With a crew of one, two Junkers Jumo turbojet engines, which allowed it to reach over 550 mph, four 30 mm cannons and enough space for explosives to increase the plane’s versatility, the Me 262 out-flew and outgunned all opposition.

While clearly the most technologically advanced aircraft to fly over Europe during WW2, the stalling of its mass production up until the last years of conflict had it facing much higher numbers of enemy fighters. In order to counteract its effectiveness, Allies also often tried to destroy the Me 262 before it could take off.

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