This Is How Mexico Deals With Their Drug Cartel Problem

This Is How Mexico Deals With Their Drug Cartel Problem | World War Wings Videos

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Mini Gun For A Big Problem.

We’re definitely not trying to make a big political statement here or anything of the sort. This isn’t about immigration, laws and the thousands of minute things we always see in our comment section so please don’t make it about that.

What we find interesting here and also something we sort of can’t put our finger on, is how this was handled. Was it good or was it bad? Should the Mexican police have this kind of authority or firepower or not? There are many questions here with no answers that we have readily available. But it still is a killer video, no pun intended.

One fact stands, however. Those guys in the trucks below the helicopter were bad guys. Like, really bad guys. The type of men who terrorize and kill civilians to make a point and keep peddling their filth. Those kinds of guys. So, in essence, taking them out from the air with military grade gatling gun sort of gets a check in our book of great deeds done for the day. In the States, of course, that’d be a massive ‘no, no’ but when it comes to cartels, it seems like Mexicans don’t mess around.

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