MIG vs SABRE: Cannons vs Guns

MIG vs SABRE: Cannons vs Guns | World War Wings Videos

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Which Do You Like Better?

The MiG-15 and the F-86 Sabre are two planes that are very similar to each other. Both planes flew in 1947 and then entered production a year later. Both were all metal, single-seat aircraft with swept wings. 

However, the MiG-15 wasn’t armed for dogfighting jets- it was armed with cannons to destroy big bombers like the B-29 Superfortress. It featured one 37mm N-37 cannon on the starboard side and two staggered 23 mm NR-23 autocannons on the port side. 

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Unlike the MiG-15, the F-86 was armed for dogfighting. It had six 50 caliber M3 machine guns in its nose paired with a gun sight and radar rangefinder making it easy for Saber pilots to lead their shots. 

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In conclusion, both planes have different approaches to their armament. The MiG with its cannons can end the fight with one hit, but it was difficult to land that shot. Meanwhile, the Saber could pepper the enemy with its 50 calibers but lacked the stopping power to finish the fight. 

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