Destroyer Unleashes Massive Firepower – Missiles And Torpedoes Nonstop

Destroyer Unleashes Massive Firepower – Missiles And Torpedoes Nonstop | World War Wings Videos

Bradley DeHart

Bombs Away.

There are some who say that Destroyers are ineffective and larger aircraft carriers are the behemoths of the high seas. Arleigh Burke-class Guided Missile Destroyer may not have the size on their side but they definitely have deadly precision. Aboard the USS Paul Hamilton, there are many effective weapons systems that allow the destroy to tear through hostile targets.

It has been in service for over 20 years and recently took part in an assault on ISIS forces in Libya. Armed with guided missiles and powerful torpedoes the USS Paul Hamilton has no trouble tearing up enemies.

“DDGs are capable of sustained combat operations supporting forward presence, maritime security, sea control and deterrence. These combatants operate in a network centric warfare environment and execute multi-mission tasking to include air, surface, undersea, space and cyber warfare.”

In this video, you can get a demonstration of the USS Paul Hamilton’s firepower out on the open ocean. See it unleash missiles and torpedos out on the open ocean where they have plenty of room to move and even more room to destroy.

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