Most Dangerous Airports In The World

Most Dangerous Airports In The World | World War Wings Videos

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There’s Bad Landing, Then There’s THIS

It’s cringe-worthy, to say the least. I don’t know which one is worse — the small runway or the people lounging by the beach so near the airport. Either way, it’s scary. You can barely imagine the reaction of first-time passengers seeing WHERE they’re about to land and probably thinking to themselves, “This is a joke right?” I mean, I’d hate to be the one looking out the window and seeing THAT. Oh and for that Hong Kong Airport, I wouldn’t want to be living in the penthouse. 🙂

Sure it’s all far from Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Zurich Airport, and even the famous Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport in terms of safety, security and facilities. Maybe these smaller airports can never compare with the big, tech-advanced ones but at least don’t make the passengers regret buying their tickets. Small measures can be done to improve such conditions like maybe, not allow beach-goers within the vicinity.


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