Most People Can’t Find The 7 Differences In These P-38 Pictures

Most People Can’t Find The 7 Differences In These P-38 Pictures | World War Wings Videos

Think You Have A Keen Eye For Details?

We’re always trying to keep you folks entertained. Whether giving you the latest aviation news or digging something up from the past, our aim is for you to take something away from it.

We’ve done quizzes in the past as well as other games. Now, we came up with something else. We’ve taken a really neat picture of one of the most distinct looking planes of World War II, namely, the P-38 Lightning, and changed 7 things about the 2nd picture. It’s a fun exercise that will give your eyes a work out.

The term 23 Skidoo is a slang term from the early 20th century which loosely translates to “getting out while the getting’s good.”

As for your brain being given a workout, here are some facts about this awesome plane. Right now it’s operated by the Planes of Fame Air Museum. It was flown for a total of 121 hours as a trainer during World War II and was send off as surplus after the war ended. Idle for 28 years, it was then restored by Steve Hinton’s Fighter Rebuilders and flies to this day.

Ok, let’s play!

You can ZOOM IN like you’d typically do on any mobile device if you need to.




  1. Missing yellow stripe on both booms.
  2. An extra “kill” flag in the second column.
  3. Native American’s skirt changed to blue.
  4. Missing balance weight on stabilizer.
  5. Louise is missing and “i”.
  6. Skidoo has an extra “o”.
  7. The tail number is different.

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