Motorcycles Built Using WWII Plane Engines

Motorcycles Built Using WWII Plane Engines | World War Wings Videos

Hjörleifur Jóhannesson / YouTube

Why Didn’t We Think Of That?

The world of custom motorcycles is pretty incredible. Even if you don’t ride, some things these crazy folks think up are pieces of art that you can actually ride for enjoyment. There was never a lack of creativity when it came to that industry, but when we saw a radial powered bike, our jaws literally dropped.

Here’s a chromed out motorcycle a local built using an aircraft engine. | Satiria Daud / YouTube

Here at World War Wings, we happen to have both bugs. We love warbirds but bikes are also something we’ve grown up with so seeing the two worlds meet was not only a pleasant surprise but also made us feel a bit dumb for never even thinking that was possible. Then again, these bikes are built by hella talented people.

A radial like the one in this video costs about 2,400 USD and puts out a bit over 100 horses.

To our surprise, there is a company in Florida dedicated to making bikes like this. Called Rotec, they manufacture radial engines for aircraft, but as they grew, motorcycles became a part of their catalog.

Another hot rod you’ll be seeing in this video. | Tyler Pripps / YouTube

If you folks like this bike, we’ve got a few more so drop us a line on Facebook and let us know your thoughts. If you’re into these, we’ll post them once in a while to mix things up.

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