NBA Plane Filled With Stars Suffers Mysterious Damage At 30K Feet

NBA Plane Filled With Stars Suffers Mysterious Damage At 30K Feet | World War Wings Videos

Steven Adams / Twitter

Summoning All Scientists And…Conspiracy Theorists.

The fellas playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder were flying their private-charter 757-200 from Minneapolis to Chicago overnight this past weekend when something strange happened. According to many Tweets that surfaced during the flight, the plane suffered a lot of turbulence and when they landed, they saw a massive dent in the nose of their aircraft. You can see one of the Tweets below.

This Tweet is similar to others that came out of that flight. Most of them insist the hit and damage occurred at cruising altitude of about 30,000 feet. So the question is, what happened?

Naturally, as aviation fans, this looks like a bird strike. We’ve all seen what a tiny bird playing frogger across the runway can do to the delicate skin of an aircraft, but if this happened at cruising altitude, then it couldn’t have been a bird, right?

We actually googled it and most birds fly well below that. The Ruppell’s griffon vulture, apparently, has been spotted flying at 37,000 feet (fun fact) but they are native to central Africa, so there goes that theory.

The best thing we found so far is the video below. Give it a watch. It’s…entertaining, to say the least.

According to One FB User, Most Likely a Goose Strike and On Descent/Approach Not 30,000 ft




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