Neat Infographic Comparing The Sizes Of Famous Navy Warbirds

Neat Infographic Comparing The Sizes Of Famous Navy Warbirds | World War Wings Videos

Gerry Metzler (foreground)/WorldWarWings(background)

Some Great Info Here.

It’s that time again when we caught up with your requests for more infographics. Having done some that compared bombers and fighter planes, you folks were disappointed that we didn’t include any carrier based birds. Well, here you go.

We have to include another disclaimer here however. According to our count (a quick one at that) there were almost two dozen carrier-based planes used by the United States alone. We, of course, couldn’t include them all as nobody’s got time for that, but we did make diagrams for all the ones everyone is familiar with.

Hope you learn some good stuff here.

P.S. We put in a Helldiver instead of a Dauntless in here. The dimensions are right though. We’re working on making a Dauntless right now. Sorry and thanks. 

As always, drop us a line on Facebook or on the website with new ideas. We strive to make these as informative as possible but also make things you actually want to see.

Until next time.

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