Neo Nazi Leader Slated To Become Nominee In Illinois Congressional Election

Neo Nazi Leader Slated To Become Nominee In Illinois Congressional Election | World War Wings Videos

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A district in the state of Illinois is currently in the midst of an election for a congressional district. Things are moving forward into the primaries in the district that has been known to elect Democratic Candidates for the past 24 out 25 elections. However, the only candidate running on the GOP is a noted Neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier.

“There is no proof such a so-called ‘Holocaust’ ever took place anywhere in Europe, against the Jews.”

– Arthur Jones

Arthur Jones has been a member of the American Nazi party since the 1970s and is often seen with several White Nationalist groups. He has been seen protesting the Holocaust Museum and claiming that all wars are schemed propagated by Jewish interests.

So he claims that Jews will start World War III but has no problem with his own Nazi belief system that started World War II. Arthur Jones openly criticized the President for easing his views on the Mexico Border wall and allowing his Jewish son-in-law to work in the administration.

“I’m sorry I voted for the son of a bitch, I really am.”

– Arthur Jones

However, Jones has attracted enemies on both sides of the political coin being denounced by Republicans and Democrats. The Republican Party of Illinois has fired back at the policies of Arthur Jones and den0unced his congressional campaign.

“The Illinois Republican Party and our country have no place for Nazis like Arthur Jones. We strongly oppose his racist views and his candidacy for any public office, including the 3rd Congressional District.”

– Tim Schneider (Illinois Republican Party Chairman)

However, if things don’t change it looks like Arthur Jones will be the only person running for the GOP nomination within the Illinois district. The Chicago Sun sat down with Arthur Jones to talk about his Congressional run in this clip.

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