This New Robot Can Land A Plane On Its Own-Watch That Thing Go!

This New Robot Can Land A Plane On Its Own-Watch That Thing Go! | World War Wings Videos

Aurora Flight Sciences

Skynet Is Almost Here.

We’re all here, on this site, because we love planes. To us, the best job in the world is being a pilot, as that is by far the most picturesque office of any kind. We fear, however, that it might not be a job done by humans for much longer.

Meet ALIAS (Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automated System), a robot that might grab the yolk out of human hands in the not too distant future. Developed by DARPA, it’s meant to replace the human element in the cockpit.

The reason?

Robots have a much lower failure rate. They won’t fall asleep, get sick or be afflicted by the numerous flaws humans have. The video from the test of it flying a Boeing 737 makes that point.

From what we read, this system could be used in many ways. One of the most important ones, of course, is something happening to the pilot. In the event he/she is incapacitated for some reason, this robot could step in and save the day. It can, on its own, land the plane just like the pilot could. It would be used as a fail-safe for now until its proven and can take over the job completely.

The only problem we see with this is why in the world would they build a robotic arm to press buttons and pull levers? Since you have to program it anyway, why not just let a computer do all the work? Sure, it looks cooler but in our opinion, it’s kind of unnecessary.

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