Newly Declassified CIA Files Probe Hitler’s Alleged Escape To South America

Newly Declassified CIA Files Probe Hitler’s Alleged Escape To South America | World War Wings Videos



Lately, the world has been abuzz with the discussion of newly declassified files about the JFK assassination. But some other documents have emerged from that newly released set that backtrack a little further on another conspiracy theory, the alleged escape of Adolf Hitler. A recently declassified document talks about an investigation in South America dealing with the possible escape of Adolf Hitler.

It is no secret that many members of the Nazi party fled to South America to escape persecution at the hands of the Allies after WWII. Although it is widely accepted that Adolf Hiter committed suicide as the Russians were invading Berlin, there are are some who hold the belief that he escaped to South America. The rumors were persistent enough that the United States saw fit to launch an investigation into the possibility that Hitler could have survived the war.

A series of documents speak about a village occupied by former Nazi party members who regard an older man with high praise. A former SS Soldier named Phillip Citroen spoke of a man named “Adolf Schrittelmayor” who some claimed to be Hitler himself. The documents even provide a picture of Citroen with the alleged Hitler.

“Citroen also stated Hitler left Colombia for Argentina around January, 1955.”


There are a lot of people that insist that Hitler wouldn’t bite a bullet in a bunker as easily as he did. The theories of his escape have captivated research from many but seeing it persist in CIA documents gives it a little more weight. The declassified documents discussing Adolf Hitler’s alleged escape to South America are provided in the link below.

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