The Famous WWII PBY Catalina Design Has Been Revived!

The Famous WWII PBY Catalina Design Has Been Revived! | World War Wings Videos

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If you haven’t heard about it already, the Consolidated PBY Catalina of WW2 seems to be getting a new start in life.

A Florida-based company, Catalina Aircraft, is planning on building a modern iteration of the iconic flying boat. The company has been working around the clock to restore several Catalinas to airworthy status, with the aircraft being designated as the Next Generation Amphibious Aircraft or the NGAA Catalina 2.

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Announced in late July 2023, the Catalina 2 features modern turboprops, cockpit displays, safety equipment, and two main sub-variants for Commercial and ‘Special Use’.

The Commercial variant has a max takeoff weight of 32,000 lbs and can accommodate 34 passengers,  12,000 lbs of cargo, or even two underwing-mounted dinghies. Most importantly, it can cruise up to 185 knots with a range of up to 1500 mi.

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In comparison, the ‘Special Use’ (read: Military version) supports a max takeoff weight of 40,000 lbs and can transport 30 fully geared troops, 16,000 lbs of internal cargo, compatibility with military software, and even aerial firefighting capabilities. It can also cruise at 200 knots and can be operational for more than 19 hours in flight.

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We live in very interesting times. Seeing an aircraft design that’s almost 90 years old get a new lease on life is crazy! Hopefully, we get to see the NGAA Catalina 2 take to the skies by 2029!

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