All The Nicknames of Your Favorite Warbirds Of World War II-Definitely Creative

All The Nicknames of Your Favorite Warbirds Of World War II-Definitely Creative | World War Wings Videos

A Lot Of These Are Pretty Funny.

Every aircraft ever made has a nickname. The simple reason for that is that they all come with past histories and incidents as well as pilot’s emotions toward them, so over the years, these planes became known as something else. MIT conducted and interesting study about the matter back in the day (as part of a bigger project we think) and compiled a list of many aircraft and what pilots eventually called them.

We’ve picked out (there were over 100) those we figured you folks would be interested in and placed them below.


  • Bell P-39 Airacobra | Caribou, Britchik (Little Shaver in Russian)
  • Chance-Vought F4U Corsair | Bent-Wing Bird, Ensign Eliminator, Whistling Death, Hose Nose, Hog Nose
  • Curtiss SB2C Helldiver | The Beast, Son-of-a-Bitch Second Class
  • Douglas AD Skyraider | Able Dog, Spad, Hobo, Sandy, Old Faithful, Zorro, Flying Dumptruck
  • Focke Wulf Fw 190 | Butcher Bird, Dora
  • Grumman TBF Avenger | Chuff, Turkey, Pregnant Beast
  • Lockheed P-38 Lightning | Fork-Tailed Devil, Pathfinder
  • Mitsubishi A6M Zero | Zeke
  • North American P-51 Mustang | Fifty One, ‘Stang, Peter-Dash-Flash
  • Republic P-47 Thunderbolt | Jug, T-bolt
  • Supermarine Spitfire | Spit, Spitter, Bomfire


  • Avro Lancaster | Lanc
  • Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress | Fort, Queen
  • Boeing B-29 Superfortress | Washington (RAF)
  • Consolidated B-24 Liberator | Lib, Ford’s Folly, Flying Boxcar
  • deHavilland DH 98 Mosquito | Mossie, Balsa Bomber, Wooden Wonder, Freeman’s Folly
  • North American B-25 Mitchell | Billy’s Bomber, Bank (Lend-Leased to Russia)

Those are all the ones we found and could reference with other sources. If you’ve got any to add, just drop us a line on Facebook to let us know. 

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