No Music – Just The Pure Engine Sounds of the P-51 Mustang

No Music – Just The Pure Engine Sounds of the P-51 Mustang | World War Wings Videos

FlyingMachinesTV / YouTube

Flying Legends

Here’s a video done right; sit back and turn the volume up because the sound on this tail chase is fantastic!

These P-51 Mustangs powered by the glorious Packard built Merlin engines were filmed at the Flying Legends Airshow at Duxford in the United Kingdom. Duxford has a rich history as an airfield in WWI, and as a fighter station for the RAF and the U.S. in WWII. The first squadron of Spitfires was based in Duxford.

That’s a lucky guy. | FlyingMachinesTV / YouTube

“Ferocious Frankie” and “Old Crow”

Two of the Mustangs can be seen with the painting schemes of “Ferocious Frankie” and “Old Crow.”  Notably, “Old Crow” was the plane of Colonel Bud Anderson who became a triple ace while flying with the Yoxnard Boys in the 35th Fighter Group. The “Old Crow”, which got is name from the whisky of the same name, carried Anderson safely through 116 missions in Europe. At 96 years old, he is the leading living ace from WWII.

“Ferocious Frankie” and “Old Crow” take off at the start of a brilliant demonstration, filling the air with the sounds of the Merlin engine. | FlyingMachinesTV / YouTube

Sounds of the Merlin

This footage gets right up in there with close up shots from below, behind, and almost straight into the eyes of the pilots. How lucky are that they get to fly one of the most celebrated planes of WWII?

But the very best part is the sound. No cheesy music. No commentary. Just the sweet roar of the Merlin and the whistle over the gun ports.

The Flying Legends Airshow in Duxford prides itself on an authentic 1940s atmosphere. |FlyingMachinesTV / YouTube

Enjoy these 3 minutes and 23 seconds of goosebumps and chills!

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