No One Was Expecting This Flying Car To Work – But They Proved Us Wrong

No One Was Expecting This Flying Car To Work – But They Proved Us Wrong | World War Wings Videos

XTI Aircraft


When the Jet Age began the word became fascinated with visions of science fiction machines that would take us to new heights. There was always the dream of a flying car seen in all these futuristic stories but it never quite became reality. However, science fiction is usually a precursor to science fact as modern technology catches up we finally have the reality of the flying car.

XTI Aircraft

Many contenders have emerged in recent years all vying to be the next flying car, but there is one stand out the Trifan 600. This is a new type of aircraft that integrates VTOL technology and can achieve altitude higher than other personal aircraft. The triple fans can achieve vertical lift in just 90 seconds, traveling at speeds of up to 345 MPH with a range of 1,200 miles.

“The TriFan 600 embodies proven technologies in a revolutionary configuration.  It is both beautiful and highly functional. It is visually distinguished by a sleek exterior, and three ducted fans in place of large diameter helicopter rotors.”

The Trifan aims to replace private jets as well as personal helicopters by performing the functions of both aircraft and passing the saving on to the owners. Check out the TriFan 600 as it makes its public debut in this clip.

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