Non-Stop Flybys Of 11 Mustangs At One Show–AWESOME!

Non-Stop Flybys Of 11 Mustangs At One Show–AWESOME! | World War Wings Videos

Planes of Fame

How Did We Miss That?

We have to admit that we’re a little embarrassed that we haven’t shown you this sooner. According to the description, this airshow took place back in 2010, and we haven’t found this video until now. Better late than never though.

This footage was taken and edited by the wonderful folks at Planes Of Fame. Having two locations, one in Chino, California and another in Valle, Arizona, they host one of the best airshows in the United States and after you see this video, you’ll definitely agree.

Although they organize many smaller shows and historical type events, the annual Planes of Fame Airshow hosts up to 50 vintage aircraft from all around. The year this video was taken, 11 of these planes were P-51 Mustangs.

The whole thing is about six minutes long, but the editing was perfect so there really isn’t much to skip. First, all these fantastic birds fire up and then taxi out in single file. Once they’re in the air, it’s nothing but low passes one after another. With 11 Mustangs, that’s a lot of Merlins!

You’ll get chills, guaranteed. We sure did.

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