Officials Finally Find Missing F-35B in South Carolina

Officials Finally Find Missing F-35B in South Carolina | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / ABC News

F-35B Finally Found!

The remains of the missing F-35B fighter jet have finally been found and identified near Charleston, South Carolina, after its pilot ejected due to a “mishap.”

The debris field was found two hours northeast of Joint Base Charleston and is still currently under investigation. Members of the nearby community were told to avoid the area as the Marine Corps begins their recovery process.

Flickr CC / Marines

Its discovery came after more than 24 hours of searching, with the Joint Base Charleston even making an unusual request for help to the public in finding the missing fighter jet.

According to reports, the search team involved the Second Marine Aircraft Wing, Navy regional authorities, the Civil Air Patrol, the Federal Aviation Administration, and law enforcement teams across the state.

Flickr CC / Marines

For now, the acting commander of the Marines, General Eric M. Smith, had ordered all Marine Corps aviation units to conduct a two-day “pause in operations” after three “Class-A aviation mishaps” were recorded over the last six weeks.

Class-A mishaps involve property damage of $2.5 million or more.

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