Officials Reveal Cause Of Fatal P-51 Crash

Officials Reveal Cause Of Fatal P-51 Crash | World War Wings Videos

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Maurice Hammond has no memory of crashing his P-51 Mustang at Hardwick Field in Norwich, England last year. The injuries sustained from the crash drastically changed his life and took the life of 84-year-old John Marshall. Hammond’s memory loss has made the investigation quite difficult to determine the cause of a crash but the investigation has concluded and revealed how this tragic event transpired.

What began as a routine joyride turned deadly as the Mustang came down for a landing. Maurice Hammond was regarded as one of the best Mustang Pilots in the United Kingdom with decades of experience so the crash left everyone baffled.

Investigators from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) combed through the wreckage of the vintage warbird but could find no signs of mechanical failure. But after examining video footage of the incident they determined that the crash was caused by strong crosswinds which affected the position of the aircraft as it landed.

“Whilst the comprehensive and diligent work of the AAIB provides a physical explanation of the circumstances, the event itself remains to the pilot and technical team, inexplicable.”

–  Nik Coleman

All that transpired is now in the past and really was nobody’s fault, just a freak accident. Maurice Hammond is expected to undergo more physical therapy over the next few years, it is not yet known if he will fly again.

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