Old WWII Pilot Tells Class Dogfighting Stories–Hilarity Ensues

Old WWII Pilot Tells Class Dogfighting Stories–Hilarity Ensues | World War Wings Videos

Well, If You Put It Like That.

We all know that World War II pilots are a special breed. Some of them were given minimal instruction before stepping into a cockpit, and were then sent off to fight the fiercest air battles of any war.

Having been through that, you can only assume that their stories are unlike any other. While perusing the internet, we came across a story which dates back to the 60s and is worth telling.

A grandson invited his grandpa to his class for a show and tell sort of thing. Knowing he had lots of stories, the kid was excited to show everyone his wartime hero grandpa.

When the World War II pilot stepped into the classroom, you could clearly see everyone sit up straight and lean forward to hear what he had to say.

The teacher formally introduced him and he started telling them stories about escorting bombers over Europe and the missions they went on. Everyone was silent, captivated by the stories.

Anxious, one student asked, “were you in any dog fights?”

photo source: flyingheritage.com
photo source: flyingheritage.com

WWII pilot,” Oh yes! My squadron was in many dogfights. We were dodging Fokkers all the time. They were trying to shoot us down any chance they got. They were good too.”

He then went on and on telling the students about the many Fokkers he shot down. The teacher noticed the students started to giggle so she stepped in saying,

“Ok kids, settle down. Just so all of you know, a Fokker is a type of fighter. Isn’t that so?”

She turned to the pilot looking for affirmation. He said,

“That’s absolutely correct. And these fokkers were flying Messerschmitts too!”

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