This One Factor Is To Blame For The Third Osprey Crash This Year

This One Factor Is To Blame For The Third Osprey Crash This Year | World War Wings Videos

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Reports are coming in about a crash involving an MV-22B Osprey operated by the Marine Corps. The Osprey has a very checkered past when it comes to reliability and is no stranger to crashing. Now officials are revealing information concerning the latest incident and what caused it.

Sources claim that the Osprey did not actually crash sustain enemy attack but suffered a hard landing. Two marines were involved in the incident and suffered minor injuries which are said to be non-life threatening. The exact location of the incident is not being disclosed to the public for security reasons, but it is rumored to be close to US Central Command in Syria.

This is hardly the first time that an Osprey has malfunctioned during an operation. The first time an Osprey flew it crashed resulting in the death of its pilot and another suffered a hard landing causing injuries to a Seal Team in a crucial operation against the Al Quaeda compound in Yemen. Yet these helicopters continue to suffer hard landing that put their crews at risk and compromise missions. Further commentary on the Osprey crash is provided in the following video clip.

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