One Of The Greatest Miracle Landings Is Getting A Movie

One Of The Greatest Miracle Landings Is Getting A Movie | World War Wings Videos

Between The Director And Cast, This Will Be A Blockbuster.

When we saw this, we had mixed feelings. Although the true event that inspired this movie was spectacular, we weren’t sure you could make a full length movie about it. Having seen the trailer, there are many other layers to a seemingly simple story.

We’re sure that most of you have heard of this incident. US Airways Flight 1549 piloted by Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger suddenly loses power to both engines at 2800 feet and is forced to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River. The lowest altitude landing of any jet in history within close proximity of a densely populated city. Sully successfully landed the plane, evacuated the plane with all 155 passengers alive and was hailed as a national hero for the ensuring the safety of his passengers.

“Sully” starring Tom Hanks, directed by Clint Eastwood, in theaters September 9th 2016.

The media dubbed the incident “Miracle on the Hudson” but there was more to the story than the news led us to believe as Captain Sullenberger was placed at the front of an ongoing investigation from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Now we will have the chance to see Sullenberger’s story beyond the “Miracle on the Hudson” as he struggles with his newfound fame and distress from the FAA’s investigation.

Here Are The Actual COMMS Between The Pilot And ATC

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