This First Of Its Kind Helo Will Save Lives–Strange Setup Though

This First Of Its Kind Helo Will Save Lives–Strange Setup Though | World War Wings Videos

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Soldiers stationed in the Middle East face constant risk during convoy transportation from gunfights and roadside bombs but the K-Max helicopter is one of the latest and greatest creations to help save lives on the battlefield. Developed by Kaman and Lockheed-Martin the K-Max is an unmanned drone helicopter capable of transporting 3 tons of cargo, a flight range of roughly 300 miles and able to reach a top speed of 115 mph during flight.

Operating remotely with incredible precision the K-Max can enter hazardous areas including fires, chemical weapons and other conditions that would be unsafe for soldiers human lives. Having a K-Max deliver supplies puts convoy soldiers out of danger and in the event that it is destroyed no lives are lost with it.

The estimated cost per K-Max is 5 million dollars.

The developers of the K-Max hope to extend the use of this drone beyond delivering military supplies and provide cargo delivery for humanitarian efforts as well as a valuable tool to for firefighting. K-Max drones have low fuel usage and are built without a tail rotor to enable safer landings. The creators of the K-Max want this drone to have a wider spread use in military areas because one life  is too many.

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