Out Of Control P-40 Crashes Into Rows Of Planes

Out Of Control P-40 Crashes Into Rows Of Planes | World War Wings Videos

King Captain Sir Salty / YouTube

Simply Awful.

We have a pretty odd job here at World War Wings. We look for aviation stories and videos day in and day out so we can share them with you folks in an effort to keep World War II aviation history alive. Sometimes, however, it’s tough when we find footage that has no story behind it.

This is one such video.

The strange thing is that the footage is somewhat in color and in pretty good definition. You can see the P-40 Warhawk taxi after landing and everything seemed to be going smoothly. Then, tragedy struck.

Luckily, most of the crew by the other Warhawks got hell outta dodge when they saw signs of trouble.

All of the sudden the plane swung left and crashed into rows of other P-40 Warhawks. It was very sudden and somewhat unexplainable, although you can see a fireball on the right side of the screen as if something was already happening.

The ground crew got lucky too. Take notice of the man running right in front of the flaming wreckage. He eventually fell from running too fast and the fuselage stopped just in time not to crush him. Lucky day for him for sure.

If you folks have seen this footage somewhere else like a documentary for example and have any information on this incident, we’d love to hear from you and complete this story. Drop us a line either on Facebook or in the comment section below. Thanks in advance.

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