P-38 Lightning, P-51 Mustang & More – VERY low flybys

P-38 Lightning, P-51 Mustang & More – VERY low flybys | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / This is Flight

Four In One

It is going to be hard to pick out the best plane out of this four. Still, that P-38 just hits the right spot. The “Fork-Tailed Devil”, as Germans used to call it, has a remarkable silhouette that just draws you in. This P-38 is the only one of its kind available in Europe!

The next plane to perform is the iconic Mustang. This plane’s elegance is just timeless. Even today, it is still one of the most sought-out warbirds in air shows. After all, who wouldn’t want to see a Mustang?

The last two warbirds are the T-28 and the B-25. Both of these planes looked amazing during those flybys. Their radial engines also sound great – the sound is almost indistinguishable!

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