P-40 Helmet Cam Flight With Audio

P-40 Helmet Cam Flight With Audio | World War Wings Videos

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Warhawk In Action

This Curtiss P-40 flies like a dream! It is inspiring how easy Kermit Weeks can make it look when flying the “Warhawk”. The turns he made were flawless and the way he did the rolls during the flight will make you beg for more.

That first roll was impressive in itself alone but the second roll is probably better than the first. One thing is for certain, the maneuverability of this plane is something else. 

This video wouldn’t have been as informative if not for Kermit Weeks’ love for aviation. Currently, his hangar hosts more than 50 vintage planes. If you want to know what pilots can see while flying the P-40, then this video is perfect for you.

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