P-40 Startup Sounds Like a Beast

P-40 Startup Sounds Like a Beast | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Bison Aviation

Piston Engines Never Grow Old

This P-40’s piston engine is music to the ears. That pilot is lucky to fly such a stellar warbird like this Warhawk.

P-40s were used back in WWII as a ground-attack aircraft that succeeded the P-36 Hawk. It is a single-seater, single-engined fighter capable of holding 2,000lbs of ordnance under the wings and fuselage. Its wings have a total of six M2 machine guns that can provide ample firepower alone.

It is awesome to see a P-40 still alive and kicking today especially since it has been 64 years since it fully retired. Just shows the dedication these people have to preserving these warbirds.

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