P-47 Start-up

P-47 Start-up | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / jkcook28

Pure Music to the Ears

The P-47 Thunderbolt is a World War II fighter aircraft that served as an American fighter bomber in the ground attack role. This video shows us a P-47 start-up taken in Michigan in 2007.

The plane is powered by the massive Pratt and Whitney 18-cylinder radial engine, with 2,000 horsepower. We got to say, we can’t get enough of those 18 cylinders- purely music to our ears! Definitely have that chunky engine sound that we’re looking for.

Moreover, the P-47 itself also screams toughness- being able to take a punch. No wonder it was named the Thunderbolt. During the war, this plane was an extremely good fighter, and extremely durable for its size.

Is the P-47 one of your favorite World War II planes? Do you think it’s WWII’s most powerful fighter? Let us know your thoughts!

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