P-47D-23RA Startup

P-47D-23RA Startup | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Nic Johnson

A Long Way Ahead

AirCorps Aviation successfully restored a previously-abandoned P-47D last month. The aircraft performed its first engine run accompanied by veteran pilot Bernie Vasquez.

Before the restoration, the aircraft spent years abandoned somewhere in Dobodura before it was displayed at Girua Airfield in Papua New Guinea. 

While on display, the P-47 looked more like scrap. Its engine, propeller, and vertical tail were missing, and the airframe was filled with holes. Still, the team behind AirCorps Aviation sought to restore the aircraft starting in 2016.

Today, the aircraft can be seen up and running with a new Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engine. In addition to its new engines, the aircraft has also been fitted with new propellers and an airframe. Check it out in action below!

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